sourdough rye bread

More bread from my sourdough starter. I made two sandwich loaves of rye bread, sans caraway seeds. Personally, I don’t feel like it’s real rye bread without the caraway, but I wanted to make it accessible to everyone in the house and not everyone shares my fondness for seeded rye bread. This is my first batch of yeast bread in loaf pans since my very sad white sandwich bread (which I overproofed), and I have to admit that it was very nice to not have to think about shaping the dough for once. And thankfully, this rye turned out perfectly and had that lovely sourdough tartness you would expect.

rustic country bread

Since it appears as though any kind of sourdough creation is going to be later rather than sooner for me, I decided to make the Rustic Country Bread found on the Cook’s Illustrated website. I liked this one because it had a hand-mixed variation, which is particularly important since I don’t yet own a stand mixer.

The bread was primarily made with white bread flour, with some whole wheat and rye flours too. I wasn’t sure how this was going to fly with C., the committed white foodatarian. He wasn’t ecstatic, but he did try some after liberally buttering both sides of a slice. Those of us who are not as bound to white flour thought it was really tasty and not excessively whole-grainy.

I’m dying to try the Rustic Italian Bread on the CI site too but it’s going to have to wait for that darn stand mixer.