A New Year, A New Start

… for this blog.

When I began Made With My Own Two Hands in 2008, I was about to turn 40 in the coming year and was contemplating applying to pastry school, a move I had backed out of 15 years prior. I had been writing another blog for 4 years already, one that was more reflective of all my non-baking interests; MWMOTH was to be a blog strictly about my experiences in the kitchen and at school. Eventually, I stopped posting on my personal blog and devoted my full attention (or as much as I could spare while attending school and interning) to MWMOTH.

My baking began as a childhood interest that allowed me to experiment and express my creative side in a way that I felt I was skilled. My blogging is the extension of a lifelong love with writing. Since graduating from pastry school and spending some time considering what it would mean (or not mean) to be a professional baker, I’ve realized that, while I continue to love baking for pleasure, I in no way enjoy baking for money. Over the past year, I’ve returned to my writing, and recently realized that the expression “made with my own two hands” is as appropriate when referring to my writing as it is when talking about my baking.

So going forward, Made With My Own Two Hands will include writing on my other interests as well. I’ll still post the stuff I bake from time to time. I look forward to being able to share more of myself here. Thank you for joining me.