my new toy

OK, remember back last June when I posted about my (then) new toy — the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker? Remember how I said it was a birthday gift from P.? Well, it really wasn’t what P. had intended to give me for my birthday. What he actually gave me was a stand mixer. I was to go select it myself because (he knows me well) I probably had a specific mixer already in mind. Which I did. However, I then chickened out (not cheap, these mixers) and bought myself the ice cream maker as my substitute (and much more reasonable) birthday gift. Because pastry chefs need to know how to make all sorts of desserts, yes?

Since then I’ve been investigating and pricing out stand mixers, particularly the Cuisinart. I was attracted to the 800 watt motor in particular and was impressed that Cook’s Illustrated thought highly of it as well. So I bought myself one (I still consider it a birthday gift from P.). And I love it! I just love the hum of it, I love how it makes quick work of what was almost literally back-breaking labor for me, I love how it looks on my kitchen counter. I get all warm inside thinking about it.

i hate pampered chef

I hate Pampered Chef. I hate Pampered Chef. I hate Pampered Chef. I am never going to buy anything from them again, nor am I going to one of their forsaken parties ever again.

My next baking stone is coming from the Baker’s Catalogue, as soon as they have a sale. This old stone is going in the trash; I’m done with paying for return shipping to replace it with another stone (that will break).