oatmeal scotchies

I recently worked our church’s Holiday Fair and brought home some oatmeal scotchies (along with dozens of other types of cookies). I made these for a church gathering L. is attending this evening (per his request). When I suggested that perhaps some might find neither oatmeal nor butterscotch appealing, he said “Oh well… more for me!”

I actually ran a little short of the amount of oatmeal called for (by about a cup) but preceeded with the recipe. As a result I think they spread a bit more than they normally would. Of course, the 2 sticks of butter didn’t help with the spreading either!

My First Babke

What is a babke, you ask? (Or maybe it was me doing the asking.) A babke is sort of a yeast-risen cake from Eastern Europe, made with rich ingredients, including egg yolks, sugar and butter. Sort of like a cross between a cake and a bread. I baked mine in a loaf shaped pan and it was filled with semisweet chocolate and cinnamon.