revisiting an old favorite

My youngest, C., turned 15 this month and asked for the Cook’s Illustrated Devil’s Food Layer Cake with Whipped Cream Frosting for his birthday cake. I’ve made it a number of times before (posted here and here), but had forgotten about it. His memory was jarred when he looked through my old posts. ¬†WNYC was kind enough to post the recipe on their Leonard Lopate Show site (it’s at the bottom of the page), so you can look at it there. I used Kate’s Real Buttermilk, rather than plain yogurt, and Dutch-processed cocoa (it’s all I had) rather than the natural cocoa powder. Also be advised that the cake layers bake up fairly thin, regardless of what the recipe notes say; I’ve baked it many times and I’ve found this to be true every time.

The cake was, in a word, amazing. It might be the best-tasting cake I’ve ever baked. In my whole life. Try it, I implore you.