Oatmeal – Toffee – Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

IMG_9097Here’s another variation on my favorite oatmeal cookie. This time, I added a mixture of Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Chips, and chopped up Trader Joe’s Toffee Chips, which aren’t chips at all but little pieces of toffee (about 2″ by 1″) enrobed in milk or dark chocolate.

The surprise of this variation is the toffee melts in the oven (and spreads, making the cookies a little homely), but then when the cookies cool, the toffee hardens up again, producing something that’s part cookie, part candy. They are really decadent! But because they are oatmeal, they are, ya know, totally guilt-free!


King Arthur Flour September Bakealong: Cinnamon-Apple Twist Bread

IMG_9025There are so many things I love about fall in New England. For example, I love the changing colors of the foliage, and the cooler nights and shorter days. The spices that seem to go hand and hand with fall baking such as cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg have always appealed to me more than, say, chocolate. And I love local fall produce such as winter squashes, pumpkins and especially apples.

So I was predictably giddy with excitement when I saw this recipe. Loaves made of enriched yeast dough filled with cinnamon-y apples and pecans? Yes, please!


This bakealong recipe came together really easily. The results far exceed the effort! Instead of purchasing potato flour or instant mashed potatoes, I substituted 3/4 cup of unseasoned mashed potato (and reduced the milk to 2/3 cup), as suggested in King Arthur Flour’s accompanying blog post. And I opted for cornstarch rather than Instant ClearJel to make my apple-pecan filling.

I cannot stop raving about how much I love this recipe: the mixing, the aromas, the assembly, the baking, the appearance of the finished results, the flavor. This one is a keeper! I do have to work on my glazing though. Apparently I’m not very good at making it look random or rustic, opting instead for the super anal-retentive grid pattern. Not terribly attractive to my eye, but somehow I find it difficult to just let loose. I’ll keep working on it though.