Churro Chips

IMG_2469Vegan Stoner is a fabulously named food blog I discovered via Pinterest. According to the site, they were “created under the premise that vegan cooking can be made without extensive ingredient lists and involved recipes.” Their blog is chock-full of whimsically illustrated (and simple) recipes. I decided to make their Churro Chips to round out my cinnamon-themed February.


Traditionally, churros are a deep-fried pastry popular in Spain and Latin America, as well as the U.S. and other countries where people love their fried things. What appealed to me about this particular riff on churros was its simplicity. Unlike the churro, these chips aren’t deep-fried. To be honest, being doused with cinnamon sugar is the the only quality which makes them churro-like. Visually, they resemble those Taco Bell treats from my youth, Cinnamon Crispas, which were deep-fried and crispy and greasy and were so, so ridiculously good. Sadly, I hear they’re long gone from the Taco Bell menu so I can’t stage a taste comparison.


Tortilla triangles oiled and sprinkled and ready to go in the oven

The Churro Chips recipe is super simple. Cut flour tortillas into small triangles. Brush both sides with oil (I used canola), then sprinkle both sides with cinnamon sugar. Bake at 400° F until lightly browned, especially on the edges (the recipe says 5 minutes; I found it was more like 10). Voilà! Yummy, crispy, cinnamon sugary treats.


Vegan Stoner includes a recipe for a dip to accompany the chips — a mixture of vanilla pudding and soy milk, which didn’t really speak to me this morning. I much prefer having them alongside the more traditional churro sidekick — hot chocolate. I bought some Equal Exchange Spicy Hot Cocoa Mix with chili and cinnamon at our church fair last fall and it’s just sublime. Just add hot milk, or hot almond milk as I prefer… so good. The pairing made for a terrific send-off to this week (and to the month of February).

For you foodie historians,  you can read more on churros here.


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