english muffin toasting bread

More fun with overproofing here. I thought I was being super watchful but I misjudged how warm my kitchen was and how quickly the bread was proofing — it was ready a good 15 – 30 minutes earlier than expected and I was caught with an unheated oven — doh! But enough about that; let me tell you about this bread!

I first read about the English Muffin Toasting Bread on the Baker’s Banter last winter. I’m not sure what made me remember it now, but we were running low on bread and it sprang to mind. Much like English muffin batter, it’s made from a very wet dough and contains both yeast and a smidge of baking soda for leavening. The inside of the loaf pan is dusted with stoneground corn meal. The result is a bread which, tastewise, bears a remarkable resemblance to an English muffin, but without the messy dance of flipping half-cooked batter and muffin molds on a hot griddle. When sliced and toasted, the bread’s exterior is slightly crunchy and the interior is smooth and creamy. The crumb wasn’t as open and craggy I was expecting, but that’s probably due to the loaf’s sinking in the oven. But the best part of this recipe may be the quickness with which one can whip up this bread — a mere 90 minutes from start to finish! I’m looking forward to trying this one again — I’ll let you know how it goes!

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