garlic bread sticks

C. is a huge devotee of garlic bread sticks. And as a result, we’ve sampled many different recipes. Actually, I guess we’re all fans, because we have a tendency to turn almost any individually sized baked good into some sort of garlic bread stick variation — garlic pretzels, garlic biscuits, garlic knot rolls.

I bookmarked this recipe for the Bakers’ Banter’s Soft Bread Sticks a couple months ago. They compare them to Pizza Hut’s bread sticks, which I’ve never had, but if these bread sticks are any indication, they must be very tasty. This recipe is a variation of BB’s Blitz Bread (which I made last summer). The texture of the bread sticks is reminiscent of a focaccia, but unlike a traditional focaccia, these are super fast and super easy to make — from start to finish in just a couple of hours. The bread sticks are light and have a little crustiness to them, thanks to a second turn in the oven, and are rather addictive. I actually baked them for C. to take to camp for lunch tomorrow but we couldn’t help sneaking several. But no worries — the recipe makes 3 dozen!


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