thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies

Another skiing treat. These are definitely the most attractive chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made. And they are delicious too — crisp yet chewy, and thick in the middle, even though they are made with butter and no shortening. I’ve never before been able to make a chocolate chip cookie without it becoming flat as a pancake once it goes in the oven. There are all sorts of secrets as to why these look the way they do, so obviously they’re from the clever folks at America’s Test Kitchen, by way of The America’s Test Kitchen Family Baking Book. Personally, I still love the King Arthur Flour Crisp Chocolate Chip Cookies best tastewise — their crisp, buttery, caramel-y quality just can’t be beat in my book, plus I love my chocolate chip cookies overdone (even burnt!) — which is something the ATKFBB recipe doesn’t recommend. Nevertheless, I assure you these cookies won’t last long in our house — we love homemade chocolate chip cookies in all their variations!

P.S. — P.’s review: “These are GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!”

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