french-style country bread

It’s a frrrrrrrosty day here and I’m making chicken soup for dinner. I thought I’d whip up some bread to serve alongside. “Whip up” is a phrase which here means prepare a sponge the evening before, mix up some dough first thing in the morning, and then spend the remainder of the morning proofing and baking said bread.

I have some rye sourdough starter in the works for later this week, so I made a French-style crusty white (although it does contain a small amount of whole wheat flour) bread. King Arthur Flour makes the lofty claim that “you could make this bread, and no other, for the rest of your baking career, and never feel cheated.” I’m not sure I agree with that, although I do admit it’s a fine bread. I would say it closely resembles a ciabatta — chewy crust and a moist, open crumb. It’s not really like anything I’ve been making recently, and I generally prefer a drier crumb, but L. gives it a thumbs up.

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