biscotti anyone?

I’ve never made biscotti before. I had read that they were a great thing to make for holiday giving, plus I’m always up for a new challenge (at least if it’s a baking challenge). I found many promising recipes online but narrowed them down to two King Arthur recipes, the Butter-Pecan Biscotti and the Barista Biscotti (the recipe is named Barista Biscotti Bites but mine weren’t exactly bite-sized). Both were simple and straightforward to make using a stand mixer (I can’t say if they’d be back-breaking by hand or motor-killing for a hand mixer). Actually it was embarrassing how easy they were to make. I found the flavors just OK though. I was expecting something more from the Butter-Pecan… the butterscotch chips just didn’t do it for me. Maybe a little butter rum flavoring would help? And to be fair, I didn’t have the foresight to order the hazelnut flavoring or the espresso chips for the Barista Biscotti (the recipe suggests vanilla and chocolate chips as substitutes) which are said to be essential to the distinctiveness of the biscotti. Without those two ingredients, the Barista Biscotti come off as a chocolate-dipped chocolate chip biscotti (which are good in their own right, but hardly extraordinary). I’m dying to try them out on a biscotti connoisseur to see what they’d say about them, but my non-biscotti-savvy family really took to them.

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